Michael AndeoChief Operations Officer

Michael Andeo - COO of Ovisacom - Virtual Assistants, Business Process Outsourcing, Remote Workers, Hire a Remote Employee
areas of expertise
  • Organizational development
  • Human resource management
  • Human relations
  • Customer service
  • Strategic management
  • Master’s in Business Administration (Majoring in Organizational Development)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Majoring in Human Resource Development Management)

Michael is a seasoned business professional with over 12 years of experience across a range of industries including business process outsourcing, customer service, technical support, management, business planning, marketing analysis, operations, decision analysis, human relations, and human resources development.

“My goal for Ovisacom is to provide a service which generates tangible results for businesses, not only in terms of cost-savings, but as a strategic planning and business outcome tool.

Ovisacom virtual assistants and remote workers provide our customers with access to a range of skillsets which are often too expensive to bring in-house. Outsourcing to Ovisacom enables our customers to take the service of highly experienced and trained experts to execute their work in a more efficient and quick form.”

Before becoming the Chief Operations Officer of Ovisacom, Michael worked in business outsourcing companies in the Philippines. His other previous roles have included a management position at an English second language institution, providing technical support services for Google and Time Warner Cable and handling B2B customer service for Toys “r” Us. He has also had senior roles in talent acquisition across a range of businesses.

In his last role, Michael also handled market and competitior analysis, marketing forecasts and SWOT.

Michael has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand how business process outsourcing businesses, virtual assistants and craft the most suitable solutions.

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