Md RafiqulChief Information Officer

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areas of expertise
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Project implementation
  • Information security
  • Vendor management
  • Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in English)
    Bachelor of Computer Science (Programming)

Md. Rafiqul is the Chief Information Officer for Ovisacom and oversees all company technology platforms.

Rafiqul has over 15 years’ experience in the outsourcing industry in both operations and technology and previously served in various leadership roles for a number of companies in Asia and North America.

Rafiqul has dual degrees in Arts and Science and certifications in programming, network management and information technology security systems.

“I believe that a deep understanding of an organizations processes is important when developing and implementing solutions. As a senior leader in Ovisacom it is my role to develop IT solutions tailored to the ever-changing work-flows of both our internal team and those of our customers and virtual assistants. 

Personally, I see myself as an innovator, interested in disruptive technology, a life-long learner and like to think out-of-the-box.”

In 2019, Rafiqul served as an IT expert on various trade missions; including those to Chicago and Singapore. He has been named as a rising star in the IT sector in the IT Technology list, emerging as one of the Top 50 Innovators in the IT sector at the Go Global Awards in 2021.

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