Our Hiring Process

We’re always looking for exceptional people to become part of Ovisacom. Our hiring process is designed to help qualified candidates match their skills to the right job.

At Ovisacom, we provide full transparency into our hiring process – from the moment you begin your search to applying for a position, preparing for an interview and a potential offer of employment. If you love people, want to work with smart, creative, energetic people and possess the initiative, confidence and good judgement to make independent decisions every day, then you’ll love working with Ovisacom!

1. Find the Right Opportunity

Search our website to find the right role for you. Make sure you read all the details about the job make sure you are a good fit.

2. Apply Online

You will upload your resume, perform an online behavioral assessment, and record responses to a brief questionnaire.

3. Application Review

We will review your qualifications against the job description and requirements for the role and immediately inform you if you are short-listed.

4. General Skills Assessment

We will test your general skills to ensure you are suitable for the role you have selected. If you lack in some areas – don’t worry – we might be able to provide additional training at no charge.

5. Interviews

We will invite you to an interview with us and the client. You will be able to ask any questions and we will be able to assess whether you would be a good fit for our team.

6. Role Specific Assessment

We will provide you with a sample workflow and task list, provide you with some training and then give you a 1-2 day assessment to ensure that you can do the tasks required.

7. Job Offer

We will send you with a written job offer which will detail your job title, role overview, expected starting date, base salary and other compensations and benefits.

8. Onboarding

We will introduce you to your work colleagues and go over the employment standards, rules, and regulations. You will get flow-charts and checklists and we will give you training on how to perform those tasks and use any systems required.