Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

Policy Statement

Ovisacom wishes to provide an effective process for the identification of elimination of all aspects of polices, procedures and other institutional barriers that that cause or perpetuate inequality in respect of any persons or groups of persons.


Ovisacom will provide employees with equality of opportunity in the workplace (e.g. in access to, consideration for, and encouragement in recruitment, selection, promotion, conditions of employment, training and career development) regardless of differences among our staff (race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, martial status, disability, sexual orientation, ethical belief, ages, family status, political opinion or religion) and will aim to at all times treat diversity as an asset to the organization.

Key points

An EEO Plan will be reviewed annually and used to measure progress towards achievement of EEO objectives.

The plan will aim to:

  • provide a framework for future EOO polices
  • ensure a working environment that encourages employment of all without unfairly discriminating against anyone
  • ensure no unfair discrimination against those employed by, or applying for appointment or promotion within, the organisation
  • adapt organisational structures, policies and procedures to facilitate achievement of the EEO Policy objectives above.


General Manager:  

  • Framework development, implementation and compliance monitoring
  • Advice and training for managers in relation to prevention and dealing with complaints


  • Creating an environment that promotes EEO/Diversity
  • Understanding their obligations under applicable legislation and processes and ensuring compliance

All employees:

  • Accountability for themselves and their activities.



Persons/ Areas Affected All Staff & Contractors
Contact General Manager
Approval Authority Chief Executive Officer
Last Review Date November 2021